• How do I make gasless transactions?

    You can make gasless transactions by enabling the gasless mode in the Oddz app settings.

  • Do I need to exercise the bought option even after the price reaches breakeven?

    Yes, you have to exercise the bought option after the price reaches breakeven.

  • What are oUSD tokens & how do I get them?

    oUSD tokens are LP tokens earned by staking USD tokens. You can get them by staking your USD tokens.

  • What's the options style that Oddz is currently providing?

    Oddz currently provides American-style options.

  • What's the auto compounding feature?

    Auto-compounded staking features allow you to earn compound interest on your deposits.

  • How do I bid to buy/sell an option in the secondary market?

    Here’s a detailed guide on how to buy/sell in the secondary market.

  • What are deviation-based pools & how does it help the liquidity provider?

    To learn more about deviation pools, please see our thorough guide here.

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