🎡What Oddz Offers?

Easy Options

If you've discovered something fascinating on Oddz, it has to be the Easy Options feature. Nothing in the DeFi derivatives ecosystem simplifies options trading like Oddz's Easy Options feature. If you're looking for the simplest way to buy options, Oddz's Easy Options feature is the way to go.

Easy Options is a simple and low-risk options trading product developed for beginners that allows trading in various crypto options without worrying much about the complexities of the DeFi derivatives space. It removes any dependencies of any options writers where you directly buy the options contract from the platform.

Moreover, you’ll be given daily, weekly, and monthly options strategies based on your price prediction for the underlying asset. As of now, options traders can now make a profit by trading in ETH, BTC, and AVAX options.

All you have to do is forecast whether the price of ETH, BTC, or AVAX will rise or fall in the next several days. Furthermore, trading using Easy Options provides you with predefined losses along with excellent capital protection.

How to use Easy Options?

Customised Options

Customised options feature is the next level of trading options on Oddz. If Easy Options did not suffice your demand or if you are a pro trader then Customised Options is designed to meet all your demands.

Customised Options basically allow experienced traders to trade different options based on their unique trading strategies. As the name suggests, the contracts are completely customisable where users can freely change the parameters (Like strike price, quantity, expiry, etc) covering their automated trading positions according to their own preferences and own trading strategies.

How to use Customised Options?

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